Friday, June 19, 2009

TY W101

THANK YOU WIZARD 101 FOR BEING A GREAT GAME! You can copy this image to also say thank you to Wizard 101.

Diego The Duelmaster

Here he is the duelmaster himself DIEGO! As you probably can tell Diego is in love with himself. All I can say is SIGH.

Another Teacher

Here is the Myth "Teacher". Cyrus Drake is a mean teacher. He is brother to Malistare I will show pictures of all Faculty including Malistare. Do you know what's in his hand???A DEVIL!!!But why would he hold himself?He is pretty strict I remember the first time I went into the Myth Room he said something like "Oh another useless wizard. why does Ambrose keep on sending for more young wizards instead of sticking to older wiser ones like myself?" As you can see Cyrus Drake is a stuck up jerk face! I can't believe how selfish he is. He should be glad to get new students.


I bet you were wondering who my teacher was huh? Well here she is. Professer Flamea. For some reason she reaches out to me. Her hair is cool though. She is the Fire teacher by the way. If she was not around I think I would have to be an Ice Wizard. If you like her and/or are a Fire Wizard please leave a comment.

First things First

Hello all fellow wizards and bloggers! I am a wizard on Wizard 101. Well I really don't know what to type. :( hmmm :( welll I'll think of sometin